Cost of Petrol and Diesel Dropped by Rs. 2 per litre: A Relief for Vehicle Owners

Petrol prices slashed by Rs. 2 per litre

The petrol and diesel price cut was implemented by the Petroleum Ministry all over the country on March 15, after a long wait of two years. 

The Tricity will see a drop in petrol and diesel costs from Friday morning. Petrol will now cost Rs 94.20 per litre and diesel will cost Rs 82.26 per litre in Chandigarh. In addition, petrol will cost Rs 96.95 per litre and diesel will cost Rs 87.25 per litre in Mohali and Rs 95.82 per litre and Rs 88.65 per litre in Panchkula respectively. 

The reduction in price is a relief for vehicle owners across the Tricity, which is a part of Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s focus on the welfare of the public across India. It will lower the vehicle expenses while also reducing the operating cost. This will further boost profitability in different sectors. 

All the Oil Marketing Companies in India decided the cost of reduction and the decision was further implemented by the Petroleum Ministry across the country. The decision was shared through a post on X by the ministry. 

In the year 2021, when most of the Western countries were increasing the price of fuels, India did not increase the prices, instead, it came down between November 2021 and November 2023.  

All the consumers in the country enjoy its benefits. Petrol now costs Rs 94.72 in Delhi and diesel Rs 87.62. According to the oil ministry, over 58 lakh heavy goods vehicles run on diesel, and up to 6 crore cars and 27 crore two-wheelers run on petrol. 

Hardeep Singh Puri, the union minister for petroleum and natural gas proudly stated that India is the only country that has successfully reduced the cost of the two basic necessities instead of increasing, in the last two years.

He also applauded the Prime Minister’s priority of putting the citizens’ welfare before anything else. The price of petrol and diesel has always decreased in the last two and a half years instead of increasing which is a big development for India.

This new decision was taken after the PM announced a Rs 100 reduction in price of non-subsidised domestic LPG cylinders, a week before. The reduced prices will have lots of positive effects on the country’s productivity.

. It will lead to more income generation.

. It will boost the travel industries across India.

. Consumers will gain confidence in spending.

. It will also benefit the farmers, as less money will be spent on tractors.



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