Places to visit in Chandigarh in a one-day trip!

If you are planning a one-day trip to Chandigarh, it is a beautiful place to spend a day. It is a union territory and also the sharing capital of two neighbouring states, Punjab and Haryana. Chandigarh is India’s first planned city. It is also known as “The City Beautiful”. Chandigarh is neatly divided into sectors. Each sector has its own market, green parks, schools, Temple and Gurudwara, etc. The city is situated in the foothills of the Shivalik range which increases its beauty. In Chandigarh, we can experience rich Punjabi culture with modernisation. Generally, people of Chandigarh speak three major languages here – Punjabi, Hindi, and English. In this article, we take a look at places to visit in Chandigarh in a one-day trip!

1. Rock Garden

Rock Garden in Chandigarh

the first thing that comes to mind when thinking about visiting Chandigarh is the Rock Garden. Late Shri Nek Chand was the founder of Rock Garden. It is one of the most beautiful examples of marvel of human creation with the help of nature and natural resources. It is a rock sculpture garden made up of rocks and waste materials which have been transformed into beautiful pieces of art. The place is perfect for a day out with family or friends. Here you will find ample space to relax and enjoy yourself with your family. This place is one of the finest tourist places in Chandigarh. It should be at the top of your list.

2. Sukhna Lake

Sukhna Lake, Chandigarh

After visiting Rock Garden, the next stop would invariably be Sukhna Lake as it is at a walking distance from the Rock Garden. Sukhna Lake is a beautiful water reservoir which is lying at the foothills of the Shivalik Range. Here, you can spot many bird species breathing fresh air and playing in the cold water of Sukhna Lake. People come here to relax and rejuvenate themselves. It is one of the go to spots for the people of Chandigarh on weekends. That’s why, there are usually large crowds during the weekends. Here, you can engage in various activities like boating, banana boat ride, etc. Sukhna Lake is a great place to take a stroll in the evening. Moreover, here you can also avail the facility of e-Rickshaws for physically challenged and senior citizens. You can also get a taste of street food culture of Chandigarh here.

3. Elante Mall

Elante Mall in Chandigarh

After visiting Sukhna Lake and Rock Garden, you might want to do some shopping. Elante Mall is one of the best places to go for shopping in Chandigarh. Outlets of many of the popular brands are present here. Elante Mall is the biggest shopping mall in Chandigarh. With a gross leasable area of 1,000,000 sq. ft., Elante Mall is the seventh largest shopping mall in Northern India and the tenth-largest in India. Apart from shopping, it also has PVR Gold multiplex where you can watch all the latest released movies. Moreover, you can have a quick bite in the food court or have a delicious meal in the restaurant outlets in the mall. If you are interested in visiting malls, Chandigarh offers some pretty decent malls to have a good time.

4. Rose Garden

Rose Garden in Chandigarh

Once you have spent a couple of hours at Elante, you’ll want to relax ( unfortunately, Elante doesn’t offer much in terms of seating arrangement or even water coolers for visitors ). Rose Garden is the perfect place to recharge yourself during a hectic schedule. Rose Garden in Chandigarh is the largest rose garden in Asia spanning a large area of 30 acres of land. It has around 1600 different species of rose. Here, you can enjoy the relaxing fragrance of roses while strolling around the garden. Rose Garden is one of the best places to visit in Chandigarh. This garden was created in 1967 and is also known as “Zakir Hussain Rose Garden”. The garden derives its name from the third President of India Zakir Hussain Khan.

5. Sector 17 Plaza

Sector 17 in Chandigarh

After relaxing in the rose garden for an hour or two, you can head over to Sector 17 Plaza. The underpass connects Sector 17 to the Rose Garden. It has made it very easy for visitors to walk across to Sector 17 from Rose Garden.

Sector 17 is also known as the “Pedestrian’s Paradise”. Sector 17 Market is the most popular of the city because it is the ultimate destination for fun lovers and shopaholics. There are lots of big brand stores, international outlets, food chains and eateries situated here. From kids wear to formal clothes to wedding stores and such, the market has got something for everyone. You will be surprised to see how the area is spotted with delightful fountains, charming sculptures and tree groves. Lovely neon lights alongside the fountains embellish the entire area.

After spending the evening in Sector 17, you can have a delicious dinner in some of the finest restaurants situated here. Some of the most popular restaurants include Sindhi Sweets, Sagar Ratna, Hot Millions, Blue Ice and Indian Coffee House. All of them serve delicious food and are some of the favourites of Chandigarhians. I would recommend trying out Indian Coffee House. It is one of the oldest in Chandigarh. Therefore, holds a nostalgic value for the citizens of Chandigarh. Moreover, the food is mouth watering and economical at the same time.

Sector 10 Museum, Chandigarh

BONUS : If shopping doesn’t interest you, you can skip Elante and instead visit the Chandigarh Museum and Art Gallery. There are a lot of artifacts and sculptures on display here. You are sure to gain some insights about history visiting this place. You can also visit the Art Gallery to marvel at the masterpieces on display here.

So, that was it! A perfect day in The City Beautiful! This by no means is an exhaustive list and there are many more places to visit in Chandigarh. It all depends upon your preferences and interests. Chandigarh offers something for everyone. Hope you enjoy your visit to our City Beautiful!

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