The Best Free Music Streaming Apps in India

Music streaming has become essential. Music knows no borders. Wherever you go, you will feel someone listening to tunes that make them sway or beats that make them feel. Music is an instant in all our lives. The importance of music in our life has remained or even compounded from the days when tape recorders were the go-to music devices. Now, all of us can easily listen to our favourite songs at a simple click or touch. Music apps have gained immense popularity in the last couple of decades, providing platforms for millions of users worldwide.

With a gazillion songs at your disposal, you don’t have to look far and wide to quench your thirst for the right kind of music. The question that arises then is, ‘which streaming app should you go for? We are going to enlist some of the most music streaming apps in India for you to choose from! 




When it comes to music streaming apps in India, spotify is a major player. With a music library spanning over 70 million+ songs, Spotify has become every music lover’s go-to platform. It provides an easy to use interface that allows you to easily find new music. Though the free version comes with its own share of advertisements, the app offers many benefits even then – you can easily access premium sound quality with around 90 million songs to choose from a sorted repository. Spotify can be used by people across different age groups as it is an exceptionally easy to use platform. Along with music, Spotify is also a one-stop solution to listen to daily podcasts, new features, news etc. You can easily use it when you are exercising or gyming, on your way to work or even studying. 



Deezer is another such streaming app that offers music-listening features in the free version. It comes with an exclusive catalogue of selected music which makes it a compelling prospect to choose from. It has an extensive library of music from around the world, with offerings for people across varied music tastes. Even though you will have to deal with ads in the free version, it is still a great option to go for if you don’t want to spend any penny for listening to music. Deezer also has an extensive collection of podcasts and other non-music content which can serve as good entertainment sources in between your music listening. You can curate your own playlists as per your moods! 


Youtube Music for Streaming

Contrary to popular belief, YouTube is not just a platform for videos. It has expanded and also entered the music streaming category in the year 2015. It also offers free streaming services, albeit advertisements. You have a wide catalogue to choose from in order to curate your playlists. The layout for Youtube Music is also easy to access, clean and neat. The discovery of songs is smooth as songs are easily available without any cluttering. You can also discover and access some rare content on the platform, allowing you to acquaint yourself with many non-mainstream gems. Added to the music aspect of it, it goes without saying that the selection of music videos on the platforms is also unrivalled to say the least. 


Amazon Prime Music 


Another platform which might not be known as a streaming platform by many, Amazon Prime Music comes free if you have an Amazon Prime account. This gives you access to around 2 million songs that are on-demand, ranging from Hindi, English to encompassing genres like pop and rock. It works across all platforms and provides a great range of playlists and song choices to choose from. The best part about Amazon Prime Music is the fact that there are no advertisements. You can also use Prime Music across your Fire TV devices. 


TuneIN Radio 

TuneIN Radio is a platform which combines radio services along with a streaming platform. It provides you with a range of radio services ranging from BBC Radio, NPR, All India Radio as well as C-Span. The platform consists of a wide spread of content across genres. All big stations are present on the platform. You can find music from different local and genre-specific radio-stations and playlists. The application also has some useful inbuilt features that make navigation through the app extremely easy. This is one of the best radio and streaming combination apps that we have been able to set our eyes on. Every music lover needs to do the same! 


Gaana is considered to be one of the largest music streaming apps in India. It has a diverse repertoire of songs that encompass English, Hindi, Marathi, Tamil and a host of other regional Indian languages. This streaming app is quintessentially Indian, with a library that boasts of over 30 million songs and a vast-variety of auto generated playlists. is extremely popular among the Indian masses and provides music streaming services in paid as well as free formats. The free version is not devoid of ads, however all’s not lost because the app still provides the best of what Indian and other music has to offer. The app interface is simple and easy-to-use with classical hits that take you down memory lane. 



Another Indian app that offers high quality music to its listeners is JioSaavn. With access to more than 55 million songs, Saavn is one of the highest rating music apps in the country as of now. The app predominantly caters to the Indian listener and has a huge collection of songs from some of Bollywood’s biggest blockbuster hits. It also has a host of other genres spanning from regional and classical music to even devotional music and timeless ghazals that are ever present to set a melodious mood for you. Saavn has also diversified to include podcasts and short stories on the platforms which are gaining immense popularity. JioSaav provides free and ad-supported streaming experience however paid services are also offered. 

Wynk Music 


Wynk was one of the first streaming services to gain popularity in India. Owned by Airtel, it has now grown to include over 70 million active monthly users on its platform. The app offers a range of exclusive songs that spread across all major Indian languages. It also comes with a share of benefits for Airtel users. Wynk is the place to go when you want to curate a list of some of your favourite Hindi songs or you wish to find some new Indian or regional songs to figure in your playlist. Apart from the rich music repository, Wynk users can also easily access several podcasts, short stories, interviews, news and various other features on Wynk Music.  


Hungama Music

Hungama Music was launched as an Indian music streaming platform by Since then it has become one of the most loved music streaming service providers in India. It offers a varied collection of old Hindi songs coupled with a wide array of regional music available in different Indian languages. With Hungama Music, users have access to ad-free music services without any glitches in the premium mode. For the free subscriber, the app offers streaming services albeit with ads. It also comes with a host of other content such as short films, TV shows, stories for children and other engaging content to keep the users hooked.  


Apple Music for streaming

Apple Music is also one of India’s most preferred music streaming services. It offers a vast variety of music – with 60 million songs ranging from rock/pop to even classical and jazz. Apple music also provides ad-free music services to premium subscribers while providing free music streaming services to other users. The sound quality on this app is incomparable and is one of the major reasons why the app is so well-liked among music aficionados. Android users can also access Apple Music on their smartphones, allowing people across operating devices to enjoy all that Apple Music has to offer. This has made it one of the most loved music streaming apps in the country.



SoundCloud is another popular music streaming platform that you can access in India. This is one of the best platforms for discovering new and emerging artists. It is the go-to platforms for artists who want to get recognised by the general audience. Apart from that, SoundCloud also has a vast array of establish artist collections that you can choose from. It is able to understand your music preferences and give suggestions accordingly. SoundCloud also has many subscription models to choose from however, the premium version is not available in India. Nonetheless, it still enjoys immense popularity in the country owing to its desi, english, pop and other music collections.


We hope that we were able to help you learn more about different free music streaming apps in India. You can choose any one of these as your go-to app depending on your preferences. Just sign in, discover, choose and keep listening! Read more such articles at Chandigarh Times. 

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