ZARA & Its Sister Brands WorldWide

One of the most popular and well known fashion brands in the wide world, ZARA, has not only been dressing up people around the world but has also been acquiring sister brands under its umbrella. The various sister brands around the world have made the parent company a great and larger success. Amancio Ortega, the billionaire founder of ZARA, opened the first Zara store in northern Spain in 1975. Since then, the company has grown into a big brand which has more than an enormous, 2,000-store chain, in 96 countries around the world.

Here are some of the popular brands under the umbrella of Zara ownership as listed on

1. Bershka

The second-largest chain by store count in Inditex’s entire operation, Bershka has more than 1k stores in 70 markets with its sales representing 9% of the total revenue for the whole group. Mainly targeted at young men and women, the low cost brand has products starting as low as $7.90 t-shirts, $29.90 jeans. In October 2017, a pop up came up in New York’s Soho neighborhood, which was Bershka’s first store.

2. Massimo Dutti

Originally a men’s fashion label acquired by Inditex in 1991, Massimo Dutti added women and kids apparels to its collection by 2003. This Inditex’s higher-end label was targeted at an older customer as the focus is more on classic, timeless styles over ‘trendy costumes’. The prices are higher than at Zara. Massimo Dutti has 764 stores worldwide currently.

3. Oysho

With 667 stores around the world in 65 markets, Oysho still doesn’t have a store presence in the US. Ordering online and getting them delivered to a US address isn’t an option either. The teen focused brand specifically sells women’s wear, including lingerie, nightwear, swimwear, and athletics wear. The  price point is similar to that of Bershka. The core customer and style of the two brands are similar too.

4. Pull&Bear

This brand is different from other sister brands of Zara as it utilizes the latest international trends and mixes them with the streets & clubs influences to rework on them and present a style that’s the brand’s uniquely own. Pull&Bear retailer has 969 stores in 76 markets around Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia, and South America. The brand doesn’t have any presence in the US currently.

5. Stradivarius

Originally a family owned women’s wear brand, Stradivarius, was acquired by Inditex in 1999. The brand forayed into men’s wear in 2017. But the men’s collection has now been removed from the brand. They are now targeting Zara’s main target customer, the millennials. In 2017 the brand made $1.7 million in net sales and currently has more than 1k stores around the globe.

6. Uterqüe

Uterqüe has 91 stores around the world and is currently the smallest and most exclusive brand, selling women’s clothing and accessories for the more mature shopper, under the ZARA umbrella. The prices are higher than ZARA as the brand uses really high quality materials for its products. For instance, a simple leather jacket starts from $500.

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