8 Best Birthday Gift Ideas for your Best Friend

Birthday Gift Ideas for your Best Friend

Let’s be honest: you’ll be eternally grateful to your best friend. She’s been on your team for a long time, knows you better than anyone else, listens to all of your complaints and requirements, and is the sweetest person on the planet. Although we all take pride in how well we know our besties, there are times when we are at a loss for what to get her for her birthday. If this describes you, you’ve come to the right place.

Are you racking your brain for the best ideas for this purpose? Here are some of the best 8 birthday gift ideas for best friend that you should definitely think about. While this article mainly focuses on girl besties, some of them can work just as well for boys as well!

Photo Cakes

Cakes and a birthday surprise are the ideal pairing for any foodie! Consider a deliciously personalised birthday cake online with just the right flavours and a cute, heartwarming photo of your friend with a birthday greeting. Isn’t that just about perfect? Don’t be surprised if he/she gets first dibs on the photo portion! Moreover, you can send cake to Canada, USA or other countries.


On your foodie pal’s birthday, keep it simple with a bucket of sweets and watch him/her revel in devouring them with abandon! Among other popular sweets, you can choose from irresistible Kaju Barfi and Motichoor Laddoos, as well as tantalising rasgullas. Sweet surprise appears to have been coined specifically for this day!

Concert Tickets Are A Great Way To Surprise Her!

She is a huge fan of a certain singer or band, and they are performing in town next week. Give her the concert tickets and have a great time together. You should memorise all of the lyrics to her favourite songs because you will be expected to sing along.

Kitchen’s Gifts!

If she is a world-class chef deserving of her own restaurant, outfit her kitchen with new appliances. You can also get her a recipe book so she can cook and serve you each meal in it. It truly is a win-win situation.

Make Your Diva Bestie happy!

Put on some makeup! We’ve all got that one best friend who enjoys getting dressed up and looking like a million bucks. Contribute to her beauty regimen by giving her a well-stocked make-up kit, complete with foundation and lipstick. You’re probably aware of her preferred brand, so you have that information to work with. The same is true for dresses and hair products. To get her ready for a wild night out, get her an amazing LBD or a collection of her favourite mousses and hairsprays.

Make More Memories!

Your best friend has taken all of your profile pictures, and you know she is a fantastic photographer. Get her a Polaroid camera to show her how much you value her abilities. This way, you’ll have a slew of new photos to commemorate your love for one another.

Treat Your Best Bookworm Friend!

You can buy your geek a book about her favourite fictional series. For example, if she is a Harry Potter fan, give her a Harry Potter trivia book. She’ll be thrilled to learn more about her favourite franchise. Ideas for Do-It-Yourself Gifts! A book and a slice of chocolate cake? Nothing can be better than this. You can also purchase her favourite cake online via online cake delivery in Australia, USA or other countries.

Make It Yourself!

 Make her a big card with quotes from her favourite books/movies, memorable anecdotes, and, of course, pictures. Glitter it to match her radiance. You can also create a friendship scrapbook, tracing all of the happy incidents that have occurred over the course of your long friendship.

T-Shirts That Match!

T-shirt It will also work wonders if it is hand printed with her own catchphrase. Simply put, exercise your creative brain cells and come up with something artistic and one-of-a-kind for your best friend.

Charms That Will Melt Her Heart!

This is a gift suggestion for both of you. Get personalised charm bracelets for you and your best friend to show how much you love and cherish the memories you’ve made together. Each charm represents a year of your friendship and the happiest incident that occurred that year. The thought you put into this will undoubtedly elicit a bear hug from her. The mission was completed!

Mugs With Initials!

Give your best friend a shout-out with a personalised mug featuring an adorable image of him/her about to bite into something delicious (dig up those old photographs), a cute message, or a list of dishes that he/she simply adores! This is a mug he or she will want to bite into!

Bouquets Of Chocolate And Flowers!

Do you want to surprise your best friend with a beautiful bouquet? Make it more memorable for her by including strategically placed chocolates inside! The aroma of fresh flowers combined with the excitement of unwrapping sumptuous chocolates is a lethal combination!

So, these were some of he best birthday gift ideas for your best friend. Special people in your life deserve to be treated special on their special day. I hope you were able to get some ideas for gift for that special day. Let us know in comments if you have any other ideas. You can also take a look at some amazing Instagram Story Ideas for Birthday.


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