Top 10 Most Popular Punjabi Folk Songs 

Most Popular Punjabi Folk Songs

For India, Punjab has been a place full of a variety of offerings. Be it its rich culture and traditions or its astounding folklore. Dhols and songs have become a mainstay in all Punjabi celebrations and occasions. People all over the world openly sing and dance to Punjabi beats and groove to Punjabi music. This is especially the case for Punjabi folk music which is extremely rhythmic and versatile in nature. Folk music usually consists of fables and stories which are generational in nature and Punjabi folk songs definitely take the cake in being the most popular folk music out there. We are here to give you more insights into some of the finest songs that encapsulate the true essence of Punjab a.k.a the top 10 most popular Punjabi folk songs! 


1. Kaali Doriyan 

One of the most popular song renditions from Punjab, Kaali Doriyan is a song that never gets old. It is a cult classic and has maintained its immense popularity. Sung by the nightingale of Punjab, Surinder Gill, it is the perfect song for light evenings and enjoyment. It is the perfect tune to choose for a sangeet. The song is extremely popular at parties and is sung by the family of the bride. They usually relay ideas on how the girl should deal with her in-laws. It has a very cheerful and playful tone to it which adds to its popularity. Kaali Doriyan is interesting because it makes us wonder how a song about a woman demanding vanities subtly from her lover has become so popular! It is undoubtedly one of the top best popular Punjabi folk songs. 


2. Mera Laung Gawacha 

A part and parcel of Punjabi culture, Mera Laung Gawacha is timeless. It has been sung over decades and holds an extremely important place in Punjabi folk music. It is an essential part of Punjabi weddings and can be seen singing at almost every Sangeet. Sung by the evergreen Noor Jehan, it has become a classic in every Punjabi home. Literally meaning ‘lost nose-ring the song traces the story of a young and beautiful wife who is blessed with a caring husband. The song captures the tenderness that the two lovers enjoy and how they deal with losses by focusing on better and more positive things without being upset. Needless to say, the song is riddled with layers of symbolism which makes it even more interesting to the listener.


3. Mehndi ni Mehndi 

Mehndi Ni Mehndi is the classic Mehndi song from the bylanes of Punjab. It has been performed by Harhsdeep Kaur proudly figures in our list of top 10 most popular Punjabi folk songs. It narrates the story of a happy going-to-be bride who cannot contain her happiness at the prospect of getting married. She is happy because she is putting henna on her hands for her beloved. Everyone around has come to celebrate her special day. The dark henna that she is putting in is symbolic of the love she has for her to-be-husband. The song also captures moments of hesitancy as the girl is also sad about leaving her home. She is scared about how her in-laws will treat her. This is undoubtedly one of the best Punjabi folk songs ever made. 


4. Phullan di Bahar 

Another playful number from Punjab, this song is another classic folk offering. Performed by Sangeeta Puri, it is a cheerful marriage number with elements of fun and joy. This song serves as a reminder and is reminiscent of how a brand new life awaits a bride. You can also use this song to jokingly tease a bride about how her life will be post-marriage as she gets ready to go to her husband. It is a song that is loaded with emotion and longing. It takes us through the love a bride feels for her to-be-husband. She waits to be wedded to him soon and wants to always wait for her husband to return home. It is the perfect mix for a marriage celebration and is a beloved number of ladies to do Gidda on! 


5. Kali Teri Gutt 

Another deserved spot in our list of the best popular Punjabi folk songs, Kaali Teri Gutt is a classic marriage number. The song is usually seen as an icebreaker for the bride and groom’s family. In this song, the groom’s family and brothers harmlessly flirt with the bride’s friends and sisters. The song has been tactfully made so that everyone ends up on the dance floor and has a good time. You will find yourself tapping your feet to the groovy tunes even before you know it. The song talks about how the men are enamoured by the way the women are dressed for the function. 


6. Madhaniyan 

Some songs just touch our hearts and capture the essence of true love. Madhaniyan is one such song. Performed by Musarrat Nazir, it encapsulates the soul of Indian weddings. Everything from the tune, the lyrics and the melodies is perfect. The song narrates the pain a girl feels on leaving her home. She is afraid of venturing into a new life, an unfamiliar home and surrounding herself by new people. In the end, the song ends with a wish for the bride that her marital home be welcoming and loving. Nasir captures the emotions of the bride with skill and leaves us all misty-eyed. It is no surprise then that this song makes it to our list of top 10 most popular Punjabi folk songs. 


7. Kala Sha Kala 

This is one of the most progressive and popular songs on our list. Performed by Asa Singh Mastana, it shuns societal pressure and notions with ease. It points out people who think that dark is bad and white is perfect. The song celebrates the dark-skinned bride and groom. The song also shuns the society that prefers white-skinned ones. Kala Sha Kala goes on to elaborate on how dark-skinned people have a heart of gold while light-skinned ones are conniving. It also evokes the tale of Lord Krishna, who was also dark but was the perfect partner for Radha. In the song, the girl requests her mother to find her a dark-skinned groom who has a loving heart. Given the time of its release, the song was indeed radical and ahead of its time.   


8. Sanu Nehar Wale Pul Te 

This is another one of the classic Punjabi folk songs that are timeless. Performed by Noor Jehan, this is the perfect song for young people in love. It needs no introduction and has become a cult classic of the yesteryears. Literally meaning ‘He called me at the bridge by the river’ the song narrates the story of a young couple trying to meet each other. This task isn’t easy for them as they have to stay clear of prying eyes. The girl playfully narrates how she is head over heels in love with a boy. The boy is late and she keeps musing about where he is and why he is late. So if you are also secretly meeting your lover then this is the right song for you! 


9. Gori Diyan Jhanjran 

Old-fashioned but still packed with zest and vibrancy, Gori Diyan Jhanjran is a classic. It easily deserves a place in our list of most popular Punjabi Folk songs. Performed by Parkash Kaur, the song ruminates about how pretty women look in ornaments that adorn them. Kaur spreads her own energy and shines in the song. The song narrates how beautiful the trinkets and accessories the girl is wearing are. It further talks about how beautiful her attire is. Given how popular this song is even after years, it is extremely loved and has become extremely popular. Listen to it whenever you feel like enjoying some old-fashioned Punjabi goodness. 


10. Jugni 

One of the most popular Punjabi folk songs ever, Jugni has got several renditions to its name even to date. Whether found in emotive sequences in the Bollywood flick ‘Cocktail’ or on the infamous Coke Studio, it is one song that gets everything right. It is the perfect mix of heart-wrenching lyrics and catchy, upbeat tunes. What is especially interesting is the fact that this song actually had its origin from Punjabi kissas, stories narrated from the third person. It is worth noting something that has been around for ages, moves people even today. Hence, Jugni finds a place in our list of Top 10 most popular Punjabi folk songs with ease. 


We hoped that you enjoyed these heavenly tunes that come straight from Punjab’s soul. Punjabi folk music continues to have patrons all over the world because of its unique beats and catchy tunes. Lose yourself in the music, feel and enjoy! For more such articles, head over to

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