Best Wine Shops in Chandigarh

Best Wine Shops in Chandigarh

One of the things Chandigarh is famous for is Wines and Liquors. People of Chandigarh like to have fun and liquor is an quite often a part of these fun times. Wine is a drink that is most often associated with fun and celebrations. In this article, we are going to take a look at some of the best wine shops in Chandigarh.

While there are Liquor and Wine Shops in almost every sector in Chandigarh, we have listed some of the best wine shops in Chandigarh here.

  1. Liquor House, Sector 26

    Liquor House, Sector 26 Wine Shop in Chandigarh
    This Liquor and Wine Shop is one of the most popular Wine Shops in Chandigarh. It is located in the happening area of Sector 26 where most of the pubs, restaurants and night clubs are. This Wine Shop, or as it’s called “Theka” is quite spacious and you get to browse the liquor of your choice. They also have a collection of some of the most popular wines, both Indian and foreign brands. Moreover, the seating area is quite large and spacious. This wine shop is the only one in Chandigarh that offers a open-roof seating area.

    Address : SCO 12-13, Sector 26, Chandigarh, 160026
  2. Kler Wines, Sector 8

    Kler Wines, Sector 8 Wine Shop in Chandigarh
    The Liquor King is one of the most popular wine shops in Chandigarh. Located in the porsche market of Sector 8, Liquor King is one of the premium liquor stores in Chandigarh. A large range of imported liquors and wines are available here. Since it lies on the famous “Gedi Route” of Chandigarh, it is the go-to destination of the youth of Chandigarh.

    Address : SCF 10, Gurudwara Rd, 8B, Chandigarh, 160009
  3. Peshawari Supermarket, Sector 19

    Pehsawari Store, Sector 19 Wine Shop in Chandigarh
    It is one of the oldest shops in Chandigarh. Apart from items of daily needs, Peshawari Supermarket has a wide range of wines available. Peshawari Supermarket has been one of the favourite destination of people of Chandigarh when it comes to wines.

    Address : SCF 33-34, Sarovar Path, 19D, Sector 19, Chandigarh, 160019
  4. Drinks & Co., Sector 9

    Drinks & Co. Wine Shop in Chandigarh
    Drinks & Co. is a wine shop in Sector 9, Chandigarh offering a wide range of liquor and wines for its customers. Since this wine shop is located in the premium Sector 9 of Chandigarh, this wine shop offers some of the best imported whiskeys and wines in Chandigarh. The wine shop offers a comfortable seating area with good food to go along with the liquor. Located on Madhya Marg, it is highly accessible and parking is not at all a problem.

    Address : SCO 26-27, Madhya Marg, near Matka Chowk, 9-D, Chandigarh, 160009
  5. Empire Store, Sector 17

    Empire Store, Sector 17 Wine Shop in Chandigarh
    Just like Peshawari, Empire Store is a supermarket in Sector 17, the heart of Chandigarh. Apart from all the items of basic necessities, Empire Store offers a variety of wines. Being in Sector 17, it attracts a lot of customers, both local and tourists. If you happen to travel to Chandigarh and happen to visit Sector 17, you should visit this place!
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    Address : SCO 10, Bridge Market, 17E, Sector 17, Chandigarh, 160017
  6. Wine Shop, Sector 24-D

    Wine Shop, Sector 24 in Chandigarh

    The Wine Shop in Sector 24 is one of the most popular wine shops in Chandigarh due to its proximity from Panjab University. The students residing in university hostels are the main customers who visit this shop. You get to browse through a range of whiskeys and wines to choose from.

    Address : SCO 210, Vidya Path, Sector 24D, Sector 24, Chandigarh, 160024

So, these were some of the best wine shops in Chandigarh. While we have named a few, there are lot more you can browse to get your favourite bottle of wine (or any liquor for that matter!). Almost every Sector in Chandigarh has a wine shop.


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