Most Popular Punjabi Movies on Netflix 

Most Popular Punjabi Movies on Netflix

Punjab is a state that is known for its culture and vibrancy. It excels across all spheres and is a place that is never dull for even a single moment. Even in terms of entertainment, the Punjab are not behind. Punjabi movies are wholesome and provide great content which is extremely fun to watch. The content has become so universally loved that you can now find Punjabi movies on the biggest streaming platforms with ease. With Netflix and Chill being synonymous with relaxing these days, Punjabi movies with their vibrant content have become increasingly more popular. People keep exploring new content and chance upon Punjabi movies, then there is no going back. 

We are here to provide you with Punjabi movie recommendations to curb your binging tendencies. Here is the list of Top 10 Punjabi Movies on Netflix 

1. Sardaar Ji (2015) 

Starring Diljit Dosanjh and Neeru Bajwa, Sardaar Ji is a fun-filled ride that leaves you wanting more. Dosanjh as Jaggi is extremely convincing as a ghostbuster who is asked to ward off a ghost who haunts a big mansion in London. The movie takes a hilarious turn when Jaggi falls in love with the ghost. The genre of the movie is fantasy, making it one of the first to make it to Punjabi Cinema. The movie ended up being a blockbuster, earning a record opening in the history of Punjabi Cinema. The star of the movie is undoubtedly Diljit who is extremely comical and convincing in his role. Sardaar Ji is a comedy masterpiece and is a great recommendation to currently watch on Netflix. 

2. Qismat (2018) 

Another Punjabi blockbuster, Qismat is a film that simply cannot be described in words. Starring Ammy Virk and Sargun Mehta, it is an extremely heartfelt story narrating the experiences of simple characters. Shivjit and Bani are two friends who pretend to be in a relationship in order to make Bani’s ex-lover jealous. However, things become interesting when feelings come into the picture. Qismat narrates Shiv’s journey of finding true love. The film goes on to take several dramatic turns, keeping the viewer at the edge of their seats. On the surface, it would seem like a normal story about love however, we suggest you keep your tissues ready! 

3. Punjab 1984  (2014) 

Punjab 1984 is a Punjabi period drama movie, directed by well-known director, Anurag Singh. It is an extremely moving story, narrating the journey of a mother in the search of finding her missing son. All of this happens during a time of extreme political turmoil in the country. She ends up being misjudged and labelled as a terrorist. Both Diljit Dosanjh and Kirron Kher are terrific in their respective roles and make you feel the pain of their characters. The movie garnered great critical acclaim from both the audience and the critics. It is undoubtedly one of the most moving sagas that have graced Punjabi silver screens. 

4. Jatt James Bond (2014) 

Jatt James Bond Punjabi Movie on Netflix

Popularly known as JJB, Jatt James Bond is a 2014 comedy Punjabi movie directed by Rohit Jugraj. It stars Gippy Grewal and Zareen Khan in lead roles. Jatt James bond is undoubtedly a comedy of errors. Shinda is a man who is mistreated by his own relatives. He is in love with Laali and decides to find his own ways to express his love. He comes up with a plan along with his two friends to solve their problem by robbing a bank. This, all in a pursuit to become rich and get the girl. The film will leave you in splits because of their extremely storytelling. 

5. Marriage Palace (2018) 

Marriage Palace Punjabi Movie on Netflix

Known to date as one of the best Punjabi movies in the comedy genre, Marriage Place is extremely loved throughout. Starring B.N Sharma, Jaswinder Bhalla and Sharry Mann, this movie shines across all departments – direction, script, acting and music. It follows the story of Nimma who is in love with Maani. Her father agrees to their union provided the wedding take place in Marriage Palace. However, drama ensues because another wedding takes place at the same time in the Marriage Hall. What ensues is a comedy of absolute error which leaves the audience wanting for more. It is undoubtedly one of the best comedy Punjabi movies.

6. Guddiyan Patole (2019) 

Guddiyan Patole Punjabi Movie on Netflix

Released in the year 2019, Guddiyan Patole is a Punjabi family drama. It narrates the story of two young girls who are forced to go back to their old ancestral home in a rural village in India to attend an important family function. Comedy ensues as the two NRIs from Canada end up taking their grandmother on an impromptu trip. Guddiyan Patole is directed by Vijay Kumar Arora and written by Jagdeep Sidhu. The loving bond of the sisters and the grandmother is essayed by Sonam Bajwa, Gurnam Bhullar and Nirmal Rishi and is done with perfection. This is a must-watch and easily figures in the list of top 10 Punjabi movies to watch on Netflix.

7. Happy Go Lucky (2008)

Happy Go Lucky Punjabi Movie on Netflix

Happy Go Lucky traces the story of three sisters who want their life partners to be Inspectors, NRIs or Singers. It narrates the story of three bachelor brothers who are an ideal match for the three sisters. The father of the girl is not in the favour of the union. The film’s comedic sequences resume as a result of these complications. The story is made convincing and hilarious due to the stellar acting of the cast. Harish Verma, Amridner Gill, Shruti Sodhi and Isha Riki deliver their characters to the tee. The movie continues to be fondly remembered for its funny action sequences and comical storylines. 

8. High-End Yaariyan (2019)

High End Yaarian Punjabi Movie on Netflix

Released in the year 2018, High-End Yaariyan is a tale of three friends who are living abroad. It captures the story of how their relationship evolves through a harsh period filled with struggles. It captures the emotions of all that they go through while living in a foreign country away from their homeland. This movie has been directed by Pankaj Batra along with a stellar cast. These include seasoned actors such as Jassie Gill, Ninja, Ranjit Bawa, Muskan Sethi and Neet Mahal. The movie continues to be hailed as a great romantic comedy in the Punjabi language and has a huge fanbase of its own.  

9. Judge Singh LLB (2015) 

Juddge Singh LLB Punjabi Movie on Netflix

Judge Singh LLB is a 2015 courtroom drama in the Punjabi language. It stars Ravinder Grewal, Chandan Prabhakar and Subhi Mhenedru in the lead roles. Judge Singh LLB is an extremely riveting drama that follows the story of a politician who uses influence to save his son. In the process, he tries to frame a middle-class boy for a crime he did not commit. This results in a series of misfortunes for the boy’s family. They don’t have the resources to hire a good lawyer but they meet someone who is willing to help them. The movie will keep you at the edge of your seat with a great storyline. It is a holistic entertainment movie and  

10. Kaake da Viyah (2019) 

Kaake Da Vyah Punjabi Movie on Netflix

Kaake da Viyah is a Punjabi comedy movie, It narrates the story of a young man who is divided between the girl he loves and the woman his family have chosen for him to marry. His grandmother wants him to marry the girl of her choice. Similarly, his mother wants him to enter a union with a girl she chooses for him. What is worse is that he is already in love with someone dearly. Thus ensues a comedy of errors. The movie aptly captures his dilemma of being stuck with three potential women for marriage. Nirmal Rishi, Karamjit Anmol, Preeti Sapru and Jordan Sandhu make a stellar cast that is able to deliver their roles in the best ways possible. 

11. Jindua (2017)

Jindua Punjabi Movie on Netflix123

Jindua is another movie that makes it to our list of the top Punjabi movies to watch on Netflix. It stars Neeru Bajwa, Jimmy Shergill and Sargun Mehta in lead roles. The story revolves around a man named Karma, who is also an illegal immigrant. He has come from Canada and ends up marrying an aspiring pop singer to get citizenship. The movie then takes many twists and turns as he ends up falling in love with his neighbour. This film is a perfect desi film in a videshi setting, jam-packed with emotions. The star of the movie is its stellar cast as all actors have portrayed their characters in the best manner possible.   

We hope that you will check out some of these recommendations on Netflix. Emotions, action, comedy, you name it and Punjabi movies on Netflix will deliver all that and more. What are you waiting for? Go stream one of these movies right now! 

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