Yoga vs Gym : Which is better for you and why

Yoga vs Gym

Staying fit mentally and physically is becoming extremely important in today’s day and age. Fitness enthusiasts have a myriad of options to choose in order to form a workout regime that provides them the satisfaction they need. Among these options, the ones that inevitably spring up in debates and get pitted against each other are Yoga and Gym exercise. 

Both Yoga and Gyming are widely popular means of exercising all over the world. They have their own share of differences, strengths and weaknesses. Supporters of both these forms of exercise keep lobbying for them every chance they get! We are going to delve a little deeper into both these workout regimes to help you decide which one might work best for you! 


Yoga is seen as a holistic workout regime, one which can help you achieve mental, physical and spiritual wellness. It is designed in a comprehensive manner to include aspects of psychological and bodily benefits and is seen as a universal way to achieve a state of mental peace. Experts do not generalize. People all over the world are looking at Yoga as their go-to exercise alternative.

Impact on Body

Yoga introduces what is referred to as ‘mindfulness’ and lays special importance to breathing and stretching exercises. Meditation also plays a huge role in Yoga. Yoga helps in improving strength, balance and flexibility. The syncing of slow movements with deep focused breathing helps in increasing blood flow levels.. With conscious breathing and a degree of mindfulness, any person can try different Yoga positions (Asanas). You can do them in a sequence and reap the benefits of an all-round regime which is good for the body, heart and the soul! 

Advantages of Yoga 

Practicing yoga is a journey which allows you to know more about yourself and work on aspects of self-improvement. You breathe easier after engaging in a Yoga routine. Some of the most important benefits of Yoga are mentioned – 


Yoga can be practiced by everyone- adults, children, elderly people.Yoga can be made as simple as you want it to be, given your interest and commitment level. Irrespective of age and health levels, everyone can be a part of this holistic regime. Generally speaking as well, workout spaces are usually not senior-friendly.

Improved Concentration  

Yoga has been able to improve the concentration of people across spectrums. Since its premise is based on the ability to focus on breath and posture, practitioners are trained to not pay any heed to distractions in the surroundings, something which other forms of exercise do not usually cater to. Focusing your gaze on one spot requires attaining a sense of equilibrium which can be achieved only through thorough concentration. 


Yoga is seen as a mechanism to help reduce stress and anxiety. Practicing Yoga gives you a chance to clear your mind and get rid of the stresses weighing down on you. Syncing mind and body through meditative postures can help in relaxing the body and relieving tension. Some of the asanas that are particularly meant for providing stress relief include – Uttanasana, Sasangasana and Garudasana.  


Yoga is a self-administered exercise. You do not need any additional equipment in order to practice this art and are entirely responsible for your own body. You can easily do this at home and reap the benefits of the exercise. It also leads to developing a sense of self-discipline to stay in routine. Just grab your yoga mat ready and you are good to go! 

Disadvantages of Yoga

Despite Yoga’s universal advantages, there can be certain disadvantages too. In some situations, Yoga can increase chances of contracting carpal tunnel syndrome or even destabilize joints. Escalation of blood pressure beyond normal levels is also seen. Some Yoga postures tend to be difficult to emulate and can lead to physical dangers resulting in back/neck pain and other complications. Lack of knowledge about yoga might increase the risk of doing the postures wrong which can result in increased discomfort in wrists, spine and neck. 


Exercising in gyms has taken the world by storm. Going to a place with like-minded individuals who wish to lose weight, tone their body or just to stay healthy has become an important workout regime for people all over the globe. Gyming allows you to take a set of specialized physical training in a bid to stay healthy and reduce the risk of diseases such as obesity, diabetes and blood pressure. 

Impact on Body

Going to the gym involves a myriad of different exercises which can be tailor-made according to your needs, desires and wants, under the supervision of trained professionals. You can run on the treadmill, lift weights and do particular sets of pushups, squats, burpees etc. in order to attain that toned and fit body. Doing a particular set of these exercises also has an impact on mental health. The effects seen on your body are reflected in an increased activity boost which has health benefits. These include a way to combat obesity, maintain weight, control elevated levels of resting heart rate, increased mental well-being, improved activity levels etc. to name a few. 

Advantages of Gym Exercising

Exercising in a gym encompasses many things and comes with several of benefits. You too can start exercising in the gym in order to train yourself to be mentally and physically fit. Some of the most important benefits of Gym exercising are – 

Increased Energy Levels 

Exercising in the gym usually entails an intensive schedule which focuses on all parts of the body, requiring you to exert effort. Routinely engaging in these physical activities can lead to increased energy levels that make you more active. It boosts the immune system to withstand more activity with increasing levels of exercise and effort. Squats, pushups, lunges, side planks, you can choose your pick! 

Reduced Risk of Chronic Diseases 

Gym exercising involves a lot of sweating, owing to the intense physical routine that you have to follow. This routine helps in increased blood circulation and expulsion of toxins. It helps in increasing insulin sensitivity and cardiovascular fitness levels while reducing fat levels. The reduction in calories not only helps in keeping your body in shape but also prevents the occurrence of harmful diseases. 

Builds Strong Muscles and Bones 

Exercising helps in building strong muscles and bones. Activities such as lifting weights can contribute to building up your muscles. Exercising helps in absorbing amino acids and maintaining bodily strength with age. It also helps in increasing bone density which is of great importance in the long run.

Improved Tolerance 

Studies suggest that engaging in physical activities has proven to raise the tolerance level of pain in individuals. Readily subjecting the body to intensive workouts can decrease the perception of pain and make the body stronger. Being engaged in rigorous activity can help control the pain that is associated with issues like chronic back pain, shoulder tissue disorder, fibromyalgia etc.


Even though gym exercising has several benefits, it also comes with disadvantages. Gyming is not for everyone since it is expensive and requires the usage of specialized equipment, which might not always be readily available for you to use. Gyming can also be cumbersome if you factor in the time taken in travelling, changing and showering. Ambience of a gym also matters in workout conditions. Gyms are also rarely conducive to factor in senior citizens. Imbalances in diets, body proportions and high tendency of injuries are also ever-present while gyming.  


We have been able to narrow down the pros and cons of both Yoga and Gyming. It boils down to which mode of exercise is suitable for your individual tastes and lifestyle. Are you someone who has a 9-5 job and cannot allocate more time to working out? Practice Yoga! Are you a fitness junkie who counts their calories and always needs their body to stay in shape? Go to the gym! Who knows, you might even enjoy a routine mix of both! 

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