Popular Dharamshalas in Chandigarh for your stay in Chandigarh

Dharamshalas in Chandigarh

Chandigarh is a busy city with lots of people coming here for different purposes. Be it holiday, work or something else, lot of people come to Chandigarh. While there  are a lot of hotels in Chandigarh providing accommodation, there are sometimes just a bit too expensive. People are not willing to pay so much for hotels and are look for alternatives. Dharamshalas are one of the best alternatives to hotels for people who cannot afford or are not willing to stay in hotels. You can get a decent room or dormitory at a very reasonable price. In this article, we take a look at some of the most popular Dharamshalas in Chandigarh available for people.

Jaat Bhawan

Located in Sector 27-A, it is one of the most popular Dharamshalas for people looking for a stay near the tourist places in Chandigarh as it is around 3 kms from Sukhna Lake and around 4 kms from Rock Garden, Chandigarh. It is located on Madhya Marg main road and is easily accessible.

It is also preferred by youth for a stay as it is located just opposite Sector 26, the hub of night clubs, pubs and bars in Chandigarh. If you want to experience the nightlife of Chandigarh, then this is an ideal place for you.

Pricing: Jaat Bhawan is very affordable with a room for one night costing ₹800. The rooms are well maintained and there is also a canteen/mess where you can get decent food at an affordable price.

Phone: 0172 265 4932

Sood Dharamshala

Sood Dharamshala is located in Sector 22-D, opposite Kisan Bhawan. It is one of the most popular Dharamshalas in Chandigarh. Since Kisan Bhawan is an important destination for bus travellers who are coming from Delhi to Chandigarh, there are a lot of guests from Delhi, Haryana and Rajasthan.

It is located at the centre of Chandigarh with close proximity to almost all the important places in city. Sector-43 bus stand is just 3 kms. away from this Dharamshala. Sector-22 market is an important destination of Chandigarh for both locals and tourists. It is at a walking distance from Sood Dharamshala. Sector-17 and Rose Garden are also a 10 minute ride away from this point.

Pricing: There is a varying range of accommodations based on your budget. While you can get a dormitory for as low as ₹200, a single room is available at ₹990. Being at a prime location, the prices are a bit on the higher side as compared to other Dharamshalas in city.

Phone: 0172 506 0223

Chanan Ram Memorial Trust

Chanan Ram Memorial Trust Dharamshala is located in Sector 15. Since it is very close to Panjab University, mostly students coming from outer states prefer this place. They tend to stay here for a couple of days while looking for a room or PG in Sector 15 which is a major PG hub in Chandigarh.

The staff is well behaved and the rooms are neat and clean. While being close to Panjab University, it’s also 5-minute ride to Rose Garden, one of the most popular tourist places in Chandigarh.

Pricing: Chanan Ram Trust is one of the most budget-friendly Dharamshalas in Chandigarh. You can get a single room only in ₹250. For a Deluxe room, you would be charged ₹500.

Phone: 0172 254 9385

Himachal Sarai Bhawan

Himachal Sarai Bhawan in Sector 24 is another of the prominent Dharamshalas. in Chandigarh. It is situated on Vidya Path just opposite University Institute of Engineering and Technology in Panjab University. They offer rooms only to those who are undergoing medical treatment in PGI and must be resident of Himachal. While they can bend the residency rule sometimes but a PGI card is necessary.

Pricing: You can get a room here for about ₹350. It is situated around 2 kms from PGI and the location is perfect for family members of patients who are undergoing treatment at PGI.

Phone: 0172 272 8829

Kisan Bhawan

Another popular Dharamshala in Chandigarh is the Kisan Bhawan. It is situated right at the Sector 22-35 intersection which is one of the busiest routes in Chandigarh. Kisan Bhawan Chowk gets its name from this building. This place offers accommodations for travellers. Apart from the accommodations, you can get food at a reasonable price here.

Since Kisan Bhawan is a major spot for buses coming from Delhi, there are a lot of people arriving in city at Kisan Bhawan Chowk. This makes it a perfect place for getting rooms for a night stay in Chandigarh. It is at clos proximity to all the major points in the city – 3 kms from ISBT 43, 2.5 kms from Sector 17 and has good connectivity with all parts of the city.

Pricing: Accommodation starts from as low as 80 for a dormitory bed to ₹1,200 to a deluxe room. It has something for everyone when it comes to budget.

Phone: 0172 503 9154

Garhwal Bhawan

Garhwal Bhawan is situated in Sector 29 and is perfect for families. It is right next to Shirdi Saibaba Temple, one of the most popular religious places in Chandigarh. Garhwal Bhawan is one of the closest Dharamshalas to Chandigarh Railway Station. It makes it an ideal places for travellers who visit Chandigarh by train.

Pricing: There are two types of accommodations available – AC and non-AC. You can get an AC room for 450 while non-AC room at ₹350. Food facility is not available in the Dharamshala. But since the market is right on the other side of the road, that should not be a problem.

Phone: 0172 264 0897

Shri Parshuram Bhawan

Another popular Dharamshala in Chandigarh is Shri Parshuram Bhawan in Sector-37. This is one of the most popular Dharamshalas in southern sectors of the city. It is 3.5 kms from Sector 43 bus stand. There is a canteen available in case you want to have food. If you are in mood for a bit of snacks, markets of Sectors 36 and 37 both are at a walking distance from here.

Pricing: The most popular accommodation at this Dharamshala is a 2 bed AC room for 500. You can also get a 3-bed AC room for 700 and a 4-bed AC room for 800.

Phone: 0172 269 0682

So, these were some of the most popular Dharamshalas in Chandigarh. If you can’t get a room in a hotel or are on a budget, Dharamshalas are an amazing alternative. Please note that Dharamshalas do not offer booking facility. It is mostly on a first come first serve basis. You can confirm on phone if accommodation is available.


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