Farmers break police barricades, enter UT to march to Raj Bhawan

Farmers from Punjab entered UT breaking police barricades and marched on the roads of Chandigarh to reach Raj Bhawan before they were stopped near Press Light point chowk on Madhya Marg.

Police had set up barricades, put PCR buses, CTU buses and even barbed wires at Chandigarh border but farmers were easily able to march through the barricades with their tractors. Farmers were marching from YPS Chowk to sector-43 bus stand chowk to SECTOR 35, then sector 22 and sector 17. They were stopped by Chandigarh police a few kilometres away from the official residence of VP Sing Badnore, the Governor of Punjab at the press light point.

Another group of farmers also tried to enter Chandigarh from the Panchkula Yamunanagar highway but they were stopped at the Chandigarh border.

An official of the Governor’s office collected the memorandum from the farmers. Afterwards, some farmers returned on their vehicles while some were dropped at Chandigarh border in buses.

Police used water cannons to stop farmers

Police had resorted to water cannons near the Sector 43 bus stand border at around 12:30 pm in order to stop the farmers but farmers were able to get passed using their tractors and other vehicles.

Police had sealed all roads leading to Punjab and Haryana Raj Bhawan near Sukhna Lake at the northern end of the city in order to prevent farmers from reaching the area. This is where both the governors of Punjab and Haryana reside. “Police personnel handled the situation very maturely, and barring a minor altercation, the protest passed off peacefully,” said senior superintendent of police, Chandigarh, Kuldeep Singh Chahal.



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