Badshah and Pakistani Actress Hania Aamir Goof Around in Dubai: A Successful ‘Rescue’ Mission

Badhshah and Haniya in Dubai

The duo’s hang-out in Dubai was full of mischief and fun moments. 

A few days back Indian rapper Badshah was seen travelling to Dubai from Chandigarh. It was a ‘rescue’ mission and the one who wanted rescue was none other than the famous  Pakistani actor Hania Aamir. 

Hania posted several clips and a sneak peek into their Dubai hang-out, on her Instagram account. In the first post, Hania and Badshah are posing for the camera. She is showing the victory sign while he is casually fixing his hair.

Their outfits are casual where Hania is wearing a beige V-neck and Badshah is wearing a black t-shirt. In her next post, they both are having a meal in a restaurant with food items on the table. 

Her last slide is quite funny where Badshah shows around the view and later focuses on Hania. She is sitting on the ground while sipping coffee and giggling at the end. Both start to laugh. Her caption reads, ‘’ Rescue arrived from Chandigarh.’’ 

In the next post, both are sitting in a garden and laughing in the video while pretending to be in a concert. Both seem in a light mood and laughing continuously. Badshah starts to sing while Hania adores his singing. Her caption reads, ‘’ concert time.’’ 

Both are having a casual night out in Dubai while they tease and make fun of each other through the posts. Furthermore, in another video, Badshah introduces Hania as a famous actress of Pakistan. 

Here Badshah is teasing her for being so active on social media platforms. Hania replies casually and teasingly to his question. Then Badshah casually says that he works harder than her and still has less reach than her. 

Hania looks into the camera and instead of replying to Badshah, she appreciates her Indian and Pakistani fans for loving her content so much. She ends the video by thanking their fans once again for hanging out with them. 

However, this is not their first time hanging out together in Dubai. Hania met him back in December 2023 along with Karan Aujla.

Talks are already in town regarding their dating rumours and this recent meet-up has sparked the rumours more. Whatever the case, fans seem happy about their relationship. They filled the comment section with positive teasing and funny comments. 

Some called them Bhaiya and Bhabhi, while others asked Badshah when he would bring Haniya to India. Some even called them a cute couple. 



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