50 Witty Responses to ‘Dating me is like’ Hinge prompt

50 Responses to Dating me is Like Hinge Prompt

Admire and Impress your love interest like a pro with these Hinge prompts.

Who doesn’t like a sweet and admiring response when it comes to dating, especially online? Everyone wants to be admired and feel special, and who wouldn’t want to make their love interest happy right? Here are 50 responses to ‘Dating me is like’ Hinge prompts you can use to show your affection to your partner or soon-to-be partner.


The Hinge Prompts

Hinge has been finding true matches for people for a long time and with these prompts, you might secure your love interest too. These prompts not only help you to be creative but also funny to win over your potential match. They can be used so that you find the right match that is compatible with you and somehow shares the same nature as you.

Hinge is an effective dating app that has been helpful for young people to find their partners. These prompts are beneficial to understand your prospective date better so that you have the clarity of whether they are a match for you or not. So, let’s talk about the 50 Hinge prompts that are perfect for you.


The ‘Dating me is like’ Hinge prompt will help you find the funny and creative side that you hide deep down and rarely showcase to others. It’s time to loosen up a bit and let your goofy side out. We will divide this prompt into a few categories:


Funny  response for ‘Dating me is like’ Hinge Prompt

You need a good sense of humor if you want to make your partner laugh. Obviously, not everyone will be interested in your funny remarks and response but this will definitely help you find the one who will laugh out loud on your humour. That is when you will find the funny, quirky partner you were looking for.

  1. Entering the classroom when the teacher is teaching. Everyone will stop and stare at you.
  2. Ketchup. A little spice in your life and a bit of sweetness by your side.
  3. Listening to a song on Instagram /TikTok. Annoying at first but you cannot get it out of your mind.
  4. A tequila shot. You might get drunk in the first shot.
  5. Tripping on a rock. You might scratch your knee but end up falling for me.
  6.    Having a Mac Meal. You’ll end up ‘lovin’ it’.
  7. A bite of KitKat. A break from the ordinary.
  8. Dating Kylie Jenner. I’m not a billionaire but I can give you the world.
  9. A pizza. Cheesy and never enough.
  10. UNO wildcard. Choose any colour you want.
  11. A phone update. Some new feature always surprises you.
  12. A shampoo from Loreal Paris. Because you are worth it.
  13. A school trip with friends. Your best core memories.
  14. Receiving an unexpected text from your crush. I might make you skip a heartbeat.
  15. Going to a haunted place. You will get scared but love the thrill of it.
  16. Your phone on a tripod stand. Keeps you steady.
  17. You own a pet dog. Always loyal and happy to see you.
  18. Watching movies in HD quality. You get to see the clear picture.

Flirty Responses to ‘Dating me is like’ Hinge Prompt

Now for my flirtatious friends, who love to find ways to flirt and think they can win their love interest’s heart here are your responses which can make you the ultimate flirty soul on the planet.

  1. Waking up to a clear sky after weeks of continuous rain.
  2. A strawberry dipped in chocolate. Sweet and sour at the same time.
  3. A date night with your celebrity crush. It would not feel real.
  4. A roller coaster ride. We’ll go through the ups and downs together.
  5. Finding a pair of pants that fits you perfectly. Your best match.
  6. Being in a cozy bed on a cold night. You will end up cuddling with the blanket.
  7. Being hungry, you cannot decide whether you want a snack or a full meal. Both are me, hahahaha.
  8. Having KFC chicken nuggets. You know it’s finger-licking good.
  9. Watching your comfort movie on repeat. You can’t get over it.
  10. Sleeping after your last exam. No better feeling than this.
  11. Climbing a flight of stairs. You know I’ll leave you breathless.
  12. Suffering from diabetes. It is bad for you, but you crave something sweet anyway.
  13.  Ice cream on a hot summer. You will end up melting no matter how hard you try.

Romantic Response for ‘Dating me is like’ Hinge Prompt

  1. A flower bud. Looks ordinary at first but blooms into a beautiful flower later.
  2. Your playlist is on shuffle but you never feel like skipping any song.
  3. Climbing up a mountain. The track is tough but it is worth it.
  4. Gazing at the moon.
  5. Receiving flowers on an ordinary day. Unexpected and a pleasant surprise.
  6. Sleeping under the shade of a tree. Protecting you from the scorching heat.
  7. Wearing your coziest sweater during winter.
  8. Falling down the rabbit hole but finding a wonderland.
  9. Reading a book. Always has something interesting on every page.
  10.  Using vaseline. One solution for all your dryness.
  11. Midnight sky, you can see the stars in my eyes.
  12. Walking down the aisle. Lets get married.
  13. Putting ice on swollen skin. It makes it
  14. Discovering new movies and songs everyday. Relatable and worth remembering.
  15. A colour pallete. Mix colours and become something new.

Other Responses for ‘Dating me is like’ Hinge Prompt

  1. Having a grape. There are no layers to hide.
  2.  Wearing goggles. Keeps you safe from unwanted rays.
  3. The opposite of origami. I will never fold on you.
  4. A long vacation with fewer worries and more happiness.
  5. Wearing the outfit you thought in your head and it actually turns out to be good.

Final Note

These 50 responses to ‘Dating me is like’ Hinge Prompt, will surely help you in finding the right partner for you amidst the uncountable people on the app. You will find the one who will understand your funny, witty, or romantic side and fall for you just the way you are. You would not have to hide your real self in front of the one most compatible with you.


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