Woman Dies of Major Burns, Blamed Boyfriend in Testimony to Police

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In a shocking scene, a 26-year old woman was burnt to death in the park of Sector-35. Police have arrested the boyfriend as per Section 302 of the CrPC. As per the dying declaration of the woman, her boyfriend sprinkled petrol on her and burnt her. The police are also looking into the self-immolation angle.

Police have arrested Vishal, her boyfriend, as per Section 302 of the Indian Penal Code. He works at a mobile shop in Bajwara market in Sector 22 while the victim was a resident of Sohana, worked as a housekeeper. The couple was in a relationship for the last 6-7 years. Recently, everything was not all too well between them. Police claim it was on the matter of marriage. Their fights had been increasing and it got very bad up to the extent of break-up.

As per the police, the woman had called Vishal to meet for “one last time” before the breakup. They also decided to return all the gifts they had exchanged over the years.

Preliminary investigations reveal that the woman had booked an Uber cab from Sohana to Sector 22 Bajwara market. But Vishal asked her to come to a park in Sector 35 as it was nearby. As it was at a walking distance, she walked to the park from Sector 22.

In the park, they both had a heated spat. He returned her a silver bracelet she had gifted him on his last birthday. She threw the bracelet in the dustbin. She also returned a women’s top Vishal had got her and tossed it in the bin. Police recovered the items as evidence in the case.

After finally severing their ties, Vishal started to go back to his shop. After reaching at a distance, he noticed smoke and was shocked to see her girlfriend had put herself to fire.As per an eyewitness, he tried to save her by removing his T-Shirt and douse the fire. The burnt T-Shirt was recovered from the spot.

An onlooker alerted the police. They took her to Sector 16 hospital where she made her statement that Vishal had sprinkled some liquid on her and put her on fire. She was referred to PGI at approximately 3AM in the morning where she succumbed to death.

Police said that they had registered a murder case based on the last words of the woman.They further added that they are investigating the case from all angles and have been looking for CCTV footage from around the area. Court send Vishal to two-day judicial custody.

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