The Free Water Supply Argument Between Mayor Kuldeep Kumar and Punjab Governor Banwarilal Purohit Escalated into a Conflict 

War of words between Governor and Mayor escaleates

An argument between the two regarding the free water supply scheme has now become a serious issue filled with allegations. 

Chandigarh Mayor Kuldeep Kumar is not on good terms with Punjab Governor and Union Territory Administrator Banwarilal Purohit over the free water supply issue. The incident took place as the mayor complained about the governor’s behaviour towards him on March 13. 

According to Mayor Kuldeep Kumar, Governor Purohit embarrassed him in front of the public on March 13. After which, MP Kirron Kher “sanitised the mic after he spoke”. He was deeply hurt by the misbehaviour of the governor. He took it as an insult not to him alone but to the citizens of Chandigarh as well. 

Governor Purohit then confronted the mayor on March 14 during an urgent press conference as he refused to accept the allegations put on him by the mayor. He said the mayor could not just speak anything and get away with it, the system applies to everyone. 

In addition, he supported his stance and called the allegations untrue as he never used any offensive words against the mayor during his Wednesday speech. According to him, the mayor has not done anything regarding the issue, due to a lack of money with the authority. For him, the announcement made by the mayor is a fraud. 

He also stood up for MP Kirron Kher after Mayor Kuldeep complained about misbehaving from her side. While the mayor introduced him to some other representatives on Wednesday, Governor Purohit made sure the mayor was comfortable with his hospitality until 3 in the evening. After this, Mayor Kuldeep started throwing allegations against him. He called it a calculated move from Delhi. 

Further adding, he felt sympathetic towards the MP and called it a shameful act on the mayor’s part to speak negatively about her. Kirron Kher is a cancer patient and takes precautions everywhere she goes due to her health issues. This was the reason why she had sanitised the mic and the Mayor felt it was an insult.

He had no plans of leaving Mayor Kuldeep along with the whole Chandigarh Municipal Corporation alone. He revealed the data regarding the expenditure of the body, which is Rs.1,150 to 1,200 crore while the total revenue is slightly touching 500 crore. 

Offended by the allegations, he further added that the city’s deficit is Rs 700 crore while they keep on asking for funds from the UT. These funds then further have to be requested from the central government. The city is seeing a sharp decline in the revenue for water supply which is Rs 107 crore but the losses have reached Rs 150 crore to Rs 175 crore. Despite the losses, the civic body urges to get free water and announces something which cannot be fulfilled due to lack of funds. 

The free water scheme demand turned sour when Governor Purohit declined the proposal of the Chandigarh General House’s decision. It involved providing 20,000 litres of free water to every household in Chandigarh. The governor called it impractical. Governor Purohit’s response to the allegations shows the harsh reality of political promises and their lack of implementation due to deficit in revenue.


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