UT Administration to hire firm to explore a shorter route to Mohali airport

International Airport, Mohali

UT Administration has decided to hire a firm to explore a shorter route to the Chandigarh International Airport, which is in Mohali, from Chandigarh along with demarcation of city’s jurisdiction in the villages, including Faida which touches boundary with Mohali. Currently, the shorter route to the airport passes through Faida village and even goes through agricultural land. For the conventional route, people need to go through Mohali via airport road covering more than 12 km.

“There are two purposes of hiring a consultancy firm: First, to identify the boundaries of Chandigarh covering Faida village, which shares border with Mohali. Secondly, to explore if a shorter route is possible through the Faida village? The need for the identification of Chandigarh’s jurisdiction in the city’s border areas is a long pending issue. At most of the places, demarcations are clear but at the side of Faida village, we need a proper survey from a qualified consultant. THat’s why we floated a tender” said C B Ojha, Chief Engineer, UT, Chandigarh.

As per sources, the UT Estate Department and PWD Department will work jointly on this project.

Faida village is situated opposite Sector 47 and 48. A shorter route to the International Airport is a long pending issue.


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