10 Eco-Friendly Kitchen Products To Make Your Kitchen Sustainable

More and more people are trying to adopt healthier, greener and more sustainable lifestyles by making changes in their everyday usages. Making environmentally-conscious decisions is a good way to reorient your life in a more sustainable manner. The best place to start your journey towards sustainability is your kitchen! What people don’t know is that they can do so much more for the environment than just changing their plastic straws.You can switch to non-plastic, non-chemical based products to transform your kitchen into a more healthier and sustainable place! We are here to tell you about some eco-friendly kitchen products that can make your kitchen sustainable – 

Wooden or Bamboo Utensils

Most of the cooking utensils you find in your kitchen including ladles, spoons and spatulas constitute plastics in varying degrees that invariably have a harmful impact on the environment and add to the waste accumulation on the planet. But you can switch to more affordable alternatives such as Wooden or Bamboo utensils! These are known for their solid disposition and natural strength. They are durable and can be used for longer durations. Replacing all your plastic utensils with wooden/bamboo ones can reduce the negative impact on the environment significantly. These utensils boast of a non-stick surface and are surprisingly lightweight as well! Sustainable, affordable and good for the environment, these utensils have it all! 

Eco-Friendly Food Wrapping Paper

Changing your food-wrapping paper in the kitchen can do wonders for sustainability! From aluminium foils, you can switch to cellulose-based papers that boast of several benefits! These papers are durable and strong and possess greater breathability and moisture-locking properties.It boasts of all the necessary requirements of a good wrapping paper. These eco-friendly sheets also come with reheatable and microwave-safe qualities, along with usability in deep-freeze modes.This eco-friendly food wrapping paper is affordable and thus an ideal alternative for your plastic and aluminum based food sheets.

Reusable Containers 

A green kitchen is not complete without a good number of reusable containers. These containers can be made of glass or even stainless steel, and can serve as great alternatives for their plastic-based counterparts. You can easily use the reusable containers for storing any and every kind of item – prepared meals, leftover food, ingredients such as nuts, wholegrains, fruits etc. These containers are inexpensive in nature and boast of great durability. They are the most effective and affordable means of reducing the environmental impact induced by plastic packaging. Given the innate strength of their constituents, these containers have a long lifespan and can also be portable, depending upon usage. You can change every plastic container in your kitchen with these reusable ones and significantly reduce the carbon footprint and emission of harmful gases! 

Reusable Produce Bags

Reusable Product Bags made of nylon-mesh can go a long way in making your kitchen more sustainable and healthy. Switch to these nylon-mesh bags whenever you are out shopping for groceries or storing food in the kitchen! These can indeed be a game-changer in your life! These reusable bags tend to be inexpensive and easy-to-use. Environmentally, they do not use  non-biodegradable and crude oil substances for manufacturing and transporting, rescuing the environmental impact on the environment. These bags can be used over long periods of time, and are usually more strong and durable than their plastic counterparts. They are also significantly easier to store and contribute in decluttering of your kitchen-space.

Metal Straws 

A lot of people have started switching over to metal straws over plastic ones on rightful grounds! Metal Straws have become normalized and have in some sense revolutionized the idea of sustainable daily use. These straws are eco-friendly, and help in mitigating the devastating effects that similar plastic products have on the environment. These straws are also very safe to use. Metal straws are made of stainless steel and have a long shelf life. They are also extremely portable and easy to clean. Since metal straws are durable and reusable, they cancel out the copious plastic straw usage in the environment. Metal straws are also significantly cheaper given their durable nature. 

Reusable Bottles


hen, water after all is a universal necessity. But did you know you can contribute positively to environmental conservation by simply switching onto sustainable bottles? These are made of stainless steel and boast of a number of benefits as opposed to their plastic-based counterparts. They use less oil in the production process, leading to a lesser carbon footprint. In terms of functionality too, reusable bottles don’t disappoint. They are BPA-free, making it a safe choice to use under all circumstances. These bottles are equipped with temperature control mechanisms and are also easy to carry around! What is even better is that these bottles are relatively cheaper than buying several plastic bottles! 

Stainless Steel Cookware 

Stainless stream products in the kitchen have become mainstream goods for contemporary cookware, owing to many advantages. These pots and pans reduce the negative impact that their plastic counterparts have on the environment, and allow its users to experience a healthier and more sustainable kitchen outlook. Stainless steel is a hard metal which essentially means that it can easily withstand wear and tear over many years. It has the inbuilt property of non-corrosion which prevents contamination and guarantees health safety. Chemically reactive cookware tends to be dangerous to human health as they can cause food poisoning. Stainless steel on the other hand is inert and does not react to chemicals allowing the food to retain its original taste and flavour while also being safe and healthy.  

Cellulose Dish Clothes 

Cellulose dishcloths are becoming a mainstay in everyone’s kitchens these days.  Just like their plastic-based counterparts, they can be used to effortlessly wipe stoves, countertops and fridges.Cellulose also comes with a great number of other added advantages, making them a product we can all easily switch to for a healthier lifestyle. Cellulose dishcloths are made from natural cellulose and cotton, making them eco-friendly. After long periods of use, they can even  be composted or recycled as plant fertilizers! Cellulose dishcloths are also extremely durable and versatile, and boast of more sanitary properties than conventional sponges and cloths.  They also do not develop musty odours over time and can be used seamlessly. 

Silicone-based Reusable Storage Bags

It is about time to get rid of your trusty Ziplocs and switch to environment-friendly and reusable bags to store your leftover foods. Many of these bags are made of silicone and boast of several features that set them apart from single-use plastic equivalents. These reusable bags are sleek and have eco-friendly features such as a non-toxin constitution. These bags are extremely safe to use and are devoid of any BPA, PVC or latex. Silicone based bags are also non-stick and do not carry any murky odor after long periods of use. They are also heat resistant, sustainable and recyclable. Silicone bags are safer as they contain no estrogen based toxins like BPA. They also tend to be stain-resistant and poreless. 

Coconut Dish Brush 

Coconut Dish brushes are becoming increasingly popular by the day. They are biodegradable in nature and can be used for multipurpose functions. They are designed to bring sustainability to all corners of your kitchen-use. Coconut brushes are 100% plastic-free and hence reduce the damaging impact on the environment. In terms of functionality, they are easy to use and can easily cut through grease. They don’t have any toxic chemicals in their constitution and are naturally antibacterial. They are expertly designed to even reach the hardest of places while cleaning. These brushes are powerful and durable while also being the safer brush alternative. 

Gradually shifting onto sustainable kitchen products is not as hard as it seems. You can start by incorporating the aforementioned items in your kitchen! Always remember that small steps invariably lead to big differences. If all of us are able to slowly and steadily choose more sustainable lifestyle means, we can significantly reduce the damage done to the environment! 



Mayank Bhola is a content writer and a freelance journalist. He has completed his graduation in journalism from Panjab University Chandigarh. After interning in newspapers like Aaj Samaj and Daily Post he has started doing freelancing. He is currently working as a content writer in ChandigarhTimes.net

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