More than 30 commercial properties of CHB remain vacant since 30-40 years

Recently, Chandigarh Housing Board CEO Yashpal Garg found out that about 33 commercial properties of Chandigarh Housing Board have remained shut since their construction.

Yashpal Garg had went on a survey to assess the situation of properties of Chandigarh Housing Board in markets. He found that there are some properties that have remained vacant since their construction and they have also not been maintained by Chandigarh Housing Board. Now, they are planned to be auctioned in the next round of auctions to be held by the Board. It has also been ordered to get an update about the properties in legal disputes.

When asked about the properties, the concerning officials said that if money had been spent on these properties, there might have been objections during audit. On this excuse from the officials, the CEO said that who will show interest in a property that has not been maintained. People will only show interest if the properties are well maintained. These properties have caused financial loss to the Board.


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