All Businesses Including Liquor Vends to be Closed on Election Day: Chandigarh Administration

All Businesses Including Liquor Vends to be Closed on Election Day: Chandigarh Administration

UT has decided to shut down all shops and institutions to conduct hassle-free elections in Chandigarh.

Voting for Lok Sabha Elections in Chandigarh will take place on June 1 in Chandigarh. Keeping in mind the value of every vote, the administration has ordered to closing of all shops, including liquor shops and other institutions ahead of the elections. 

Keeping in view the right to vote, the administration decided to conduct hassle-free polls in which every citizen gets a chance to participate. Shopkeepers cannot afford to close their shops even on weekends which can lead them to not casting votes. Keeping this in mind the administration decided to take action.

Letter from Election Commission

Chandigarh received a letter from the Election Commission of India regarding the elections ahead. After receiving that, the administration decided upon the matter. Under the Punjab Shop and Commercial Establishment Act 1958, the authority issued an order. The order was issued on behalf of Rakesh Verma along with the order to close all offices on election day. 

Faces of BJP and Congress Candidates yet to be Announced

However, the BJP has not yet revealed the list of candidates for the upcoming elections. Meanwhile, Congress and AAP are contesting elections as a single unit in the UT. AAP has left the Chandigarh seat for Congress, which still has not revealed its candidates yet.

No announcement has been made regarding the candidates of either of the parties. Even though Shiromani Akali Dal has an alliance with the BJP, the party has put up Hardeep Singh as its candidate for Chandigarh. He is also the only councilor of the party in Chandigarh.



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