Chandigarh Administration rejects proposal for changes in rural building bylaws

Chandigarh Administration, in a setback for Municipal Corporation, Chandigarh has rejected the proposal submitted by Chandigarh to allow relaxations in strict building bylaws including permission for construction of high rise buildings up to 4 floors including ground floor. MC also requested permission for basement and coverage of 100% plot up to 125 sq. yd.

In a detailed reply by UT, they highlighted the fact that the bylaws for villages were notified on January 1, 2017. As per the bylaws, the maximum permissible height for the construction of buildings in villages is 10.36 meters. UT also pointed out that during the drafting of the bylaws for the villages, comments were invited from the public and the rules were drafted accordingly. Hence, the request may not be considered.

The rejection of the bylaws is seen as a setback for MC and Councillors who promised the citizens of their respective wards to legalise their constructions. According to a senior official, “Unauthorised construction had taken place is almost all the villages by the time bylaws were created in 2017. A large portion of the village area is being used for commercial purposes. Hence, the authority is very strict in the notified bylaws”.

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