28 crore COVID cess not being utilised by admin amid pandemic

 Even though it has been a month since the COVID-19 case count began to rise, it is only now that Chandigarh Municipal Corporation is beginning to take measures to use the COVID cess. The MC is to pen a letter seeking permission to use the Rs 28-crore COVID cess. This sum will be used for the purchase of vaccines, medicines and other important equipment such as oxygen cylinders, masks PPE Kits.

This amount was allocated last month by Municipal Corporation to use over any emergency caused by the marauding virus. The sum was collected by the donations form the centre, city residents and other such fundraising sources. The consequential amount was collected in just under 8 months. 

Even though the second wave of coronavirus has been wreaking havoc on the city, the emergency beds are full, and the social media is flooded with calls for O2, the cess is yet to be used.

There are many who are criticising the delay in the use of the funds and stating the need for action instead of bureaucratic formalities.

The adviser Manoj Parida has been urging people to come forward and set up COVID care centres at the community centres but not one councillor has come forward.


Mayank Bhola is a content writer and a freelance journalist. He has completed his graduation in journalism from Panjab University Chandigarh. After interning in newspapers like Aaj Samaj and Daily Post he has started doing freelancing. He is currently working as a content writer in ChandigarhTimes.net

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