Political Unrest in Chandigarh as Congress Gives Ticket to Manish Tewari Over Pawan Bansal

Manish Tewari

Pawan Bansal and Manish Tewari were candidates for Chandigarh Lok Sabha seat from Congress. 

There is political unrest in Chandigarh after the Congress decided to give the ticket to Manish Tewari over Pawan Bansal. Many of the Congress leaders in Chandigarh have given resignation from their seats over the matter.

Manish Tewari is the former Union Minister and now the candidate for the seat again. However, the supporters of Pawan Bansal, are not happy with the decision and have mass resigned from their posts. He is also a former MP. 

Some of the senior leaders include Deipa Dubey, the president of the Mahila Congress in Chandigarh, along with many others. Moreover, all those who have resigned are close to Pawan Bansal. 

The resignation took place when both the candidates visited the Congress party office and the party chose Tewari over Bansal. Deipa Dubey accused Chandigarh unit Chief Lucky for insulting Pawan Bansal. 

After Manish Tewari won the ticket, H.S. Lucky shared a post on his Instagram glorifying Tewari’s win and insulting Bansal. His supporters took it as an insult and decided to mass resign. 

The supporters wanted Lucky to resign from his Chandigarh Congress President’s post. Pawan Bansal’s supporters clarified that they have no bad intentions towards Tiwari’s candidature and only resigned from their post over the Instagram post. However, they assure that they have not left the party. 

However, according to Lucky, the like was not intentional. He does not run his account himself and so the like was unintentional. Furthermore, he added that he respects Pawan Bansal, calling him an experienced leader. 

Lucky has rejected the BJP calling Tewari an outsider. After Tewari reached the Congress Bhavan on Monday, all the Congress members welcomed him with a warm heart. This shows that he is not an outsider. 

In addition, Lucky said that Tewari has been doing a lot for Chandigarh. He has raised various issues related to Chandigarh in the Parliament. This shows his dedication towards Chandigarh. Furthermore, he said that Tewari was born and brought up in Chandigarh to counterattack the BJP’s claim. 

Manish Tewari has previously been MP from Ludhiana and Anandpur Sahib in Punjab. After winning the ticket, he addressed the gathering. He aims to make Chandigarh more vibrant and beautiful. While conversing, he recalled the time his father, VN Tewari was shot dead by the terrorists in 1984. 

Through his speech, he explained that he is not an outsider. His mother Amrit Tewari served as the dean of PGIMER and was nominated for councilor in the MC Chandigarh. Therefore, he knows about the issues in Chandigarh and is willing to solve them. On the other hand, BJP has announced Sanjay Tandon as its candidate for the Chandigarh seat.



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