Bhagwant Mann and his Wife Gurpreet Kaur are Blessed with a Baby Girl

hagwant mann blessed with baby girl

Bhagwant Mann is extremely delighted to welcome his daughter into the world while announcing her arrival on X (formerly Twitter).

The baby girl blessed the house of Bhagwant Mann, Chief Minister of Punjab, and Dr Gurpreet Kaur on Thursday. Announcing her arrival on Twitter, Bhagwant Mann informed his followers that his wife and daughter were doing well. 

Bhagwant Mann, now 51 has become a father after two years of his marriage with Gurpreet Kaur. They tied the knot back in 2022 on July 6. The wife was admitted to Fortis Hospital, Mohali on Wednesday where she delivered the baby on 28 March 2024. 

However, this is not his first child. He shares a daughter and a son with his ex-wife, but they have now settled in Canada. Bhagwant Mann has become the first CM in the history of Punjab who has become a father while in office.

He has expressed his love and affection on X calling his daughter a gift from God. He visited the hospital in the morning and left around noon on Thursday. This child is his second daughter. 

Bhagwant Mann’s second marriage took place just four months after he took the oath as the Chief Minister of Punjab on March 16, 2022. He divorced his first wife Inderpreet back in 2015, who has now settled in Canada with their daughter Seerat, 23, and their son Dilshan, 19. 

He had announced the arrival of their child during his Republic Day address in Ludhiana. Everyone was surprised by his announcement. He used the stage to inform everyone not to get sex determination tests and to accept whatever god will give. He called his child a bundle of joy and was excited to have the baby. 

Their marriage is an arranged one and Gurpreet Kaur now 34 has a humble family. She belongs to a village in Pehowa, Kurukshetra. Her father Inderjit Singh Natt is a farmer and a former Sarpanch of Madanpur village. Her mother is a homemaker. She completed her doctorate from MMU and currently works as a physician. 

Bhagwant Mann’s divorce from his previous wife was not entirely a personal matter but a political one too. However, his divorce was shocking news for many as they seemed happy as a happy couple. They filed for their divorce in a SAS Nagar court. 

Bhagwant Mann is very well known for his poetic counterattacks in the Parliament and he had well expressed his situation in his verse. He explained that it was a matter of choosing one family over the other. He decided to choose Punjab. 

Even though his wife has been a constant support during his political rallies for a long time, Bhagwant Mann chose Punjab over her. Even though they were given six months to decide, Mann had already made up his mind. 

He decided to marry again in 2022 after 7 years and now in 2024, they both have welcomed their baby daughter after two years of marriage. 


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